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Eleven Long Months

Today marks eleven long months since Amber disappeared on her way to Escondido High School. It's hard to count so many days and nights of not knowing where she is or how she is. At night when sleep does not come, we wonder if she has a place to sleep or is locked up in someone's basement, or worse. When we have a meal in front of us, we wonder if she is hungry and find the food has no interest. Where can she be? We pray for that one person to recognize her and make the call that will bring her home.

We feel the kindness of those who help in the search for Amber and all the other missing children and question why there can be so much kindness and still so much evil in our land. We try to hard to keep some form of "normal" in our lives, but there is no "normal" anymore. Amber's Mom spent hours before Amber was born putting stars on the ceiling of the room Amber was to have. As it turned out, she moved nearby just a couple of weeks before Amber's birth. I decided to move into that house to be closer to my first grandchild and lobbied for the name Amber as well. So, from babyhood, Amber and I would lie in that room and look at those stars so lovingly put up by her Mom and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star unendingly. Those stars remain. In 15 years I have not been able to paint over them. Every night I look at them before I pray. Can Amber see the stars or is she with them? I wear a silver bracelet with Amber's name and the words "Hope, Faith, Believe, Love." One day I hope to place it on Amber's wrist as a constant reminder to never give up.

Today is a silent day for our prayers. Please join with us in prayer and light a candle for Amber on the website or

January 13, 2010
Amber's Grandmom

People Magazine Cover
People Magazine
A New Look...

The truck driven by Ambers father Moe, got a new look this weekend. Thanks to donations from Wes Adams and Tom Wilhelm of GP Color Imaging in North Hollywood, CA, who printed a new exterior vinyl wrap for the back and sides of the truck. The new wrap features beautiful large images of Amber, as well as her website address and tip line phone number. The new wrap can be easily seen from a significant distance with no problem. The wrap was installed by two Vinyl Graphics Professionals, Rob Nell and Al Gonzalez of Kingsize Installers in Bellflower, CA.

New Van

The new look is amazing and is getting a lot of attention as the truck goes down the street. Lets hope the right person out there gets a chance to see it and we can bring Amber back home where she belongs.

Thank you to all the people who took part in helping us get our new mobile billboard coordinated and installed, we truly appreciate all that you have done.

Amber's parents appear on Television

Amber's mother, Carrie McGonigle, and father, Moe Dubois, appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in New York City.

Air Date: October 14, 2009

Amber's mother, Carrie McGonigle, and father, Moe Dubois, appeared on the Steve Wilkos Show in New York City. The episode aired October 2nd but you can watch the show by clicking the link below.

Click here to watch the Steve Wilkos show. We're sorry but we lost the link to the video. They removed the link.

Latest Update

Thank You, Julie & Quincy and Sarah & Jack from VK9 Search and Recovery. The dogs were amazing and hopefully this will get us one step closer to the day when we have Amber home. Carrie is currently spending the weekend in Washington, helping the mother of Lindsey J. Baum. Lindsey is a missing 11 year old child, missing since June 26, 2009. She went missing from McCleary, WA. Carrie will be joining Klaas Kids Foundation and Laura Recovery Center For Missing Children. They will be helping the family set up a search center as well as train and coordinate search efforts for Lindsey. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Lindsey for a quick and safe return home to her family.

Click here to watch video of the Lindsey Baum Search Efforts.

America’s Most Wanted

Amber was featured on August 15, 2009

America's Most Wanted Missing Data File

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