Reflections of Family & Friends
A Birthday Message for Amber
Not a day passes that I do not miss you! Everyday I listen to music or look at pictures of you, not to remind me that you were taken, but to make me feel as if I'm with you. I love you more then words can say and I have faith you will be back with me someday.
Happy Birthday
A story written by Amber's mother for the 18 Wheel Angels campaign
My Amber
I can remember that when I was fourteen, I wanted to be a truck driver. I couldn’t imagine a better job than to be on the road, driving for hours, without a worry in the world. When you’re fourteen that is how life should be. You shouldn’t have any major worries. Unfortunately, life is not always the way you plan. My daughter Amber Dubois, is not living the life she planned for herself.
Amber was walking to Escondido High School on 2-13-09, but never made it. Amber was last seen by two other parents about 800 feet away from the school’s main driveway. We have not seen or heard from her since. Law enforcement is still following up on tips, but has nothing solid.
Amber is our first born child, and was born on October 25, 1994. I used to sit and stare at her, as she was the most perfect and beautiful child I had ever seen. The first 9 years, it was just her and I. Being a single mom had a lot of challenges and over the years, Amber and I grew closer together. I was always told that Amber walked all over me, and that I let her get away with everything, and I was going to have my hands full when she got older. I knew that wasn’t going to be the case, because she has a heart of gold.
Amber is a smart and beautiful young lady; she gets good grades, is not into boys, make-up, MySpace or anything like that. Amber is content as long as she has a good book to read.
Amber likes to wear jeans and t-shirts, and from a distance you could mistake her for a boy. It is when you see Amber up close, that you will never forget that Amber’s blue eyes are the most beautiful eyes. Amber has perfect teeth, and some freckles and a scar above her lip on the left side. Amber also has a mole on her left eyebrow, but it is not big but you can see it. She also has one dark freckle on the left side of her nose.
This month is our birthday month. Amber’s, her dad’s, and mine. I can not see it being a very good month, unless Amber is with us. 18 Wheel Angels and all other truckers, we need Amber home. I realize times are hard, money is tight, and printing flyers cost money, but if you’re willing I would be ever so grateful. I need to bring my blue-eyed girl home!
Carrie, Mother of Missing Amber DuBois
Mom's Video
Letter from Dad
March 06, 2009
Hello my sweetheart, this is Dad. It's late Friday night and I wanted to write you this letter since you are not here with me. This was supposed to be our weekend together and this afternoon at about the time I should be picking you up from the train station, I was thinking about what I could do to talk to you like we would be doing right now. So I decided that tonight I would write you this letter and get it out where you might get a chance to read it.
One of your friends brought over a CD with pictures of you and your friends at their birthday beach party. Some cool pictures of you guys, one is of you running in the water at night by the pier with a cool sunset behind you. It reminds me of our midnight grunion run while camping last summer and all the fun we had that night catching all those darn fish with our hands. I guarantee on our next run, I will catch more than you!!!
Your Teacher Mr. Reyburn is keeping your lamb, ( Nénette ) for you till you get back. You can bet your Mom is looking as hard as she can for you since she will be doing your barn clean-up duties until you return.
This is still my weekend, so I will be waiting to hear from you so I can come get you. Next Friday is the 13th again and it will be a month that you have been away, I don't want to wait that long before I get my next hug from you. Well, I really just wanted to say we all miss you and love you very much. I hope you get to read this, or better yet I hope you are back in my arms soon, so I can tell you in person. Don't lose hope in our finding you. I will never lose hope in our search for you.
Always Loving You,
DAD xoxo
Letter from Grandma
The week before her 4th birthday, Amber flew with me to Yosemite. She loved Yosemite, but, she wanted to see a wolf. There is no kind way to tell a child she cannot see a wolf because they had all been killed by people who did not understand or like them. I told her a few wolves had been moved to from , and, when she was older, we would go to see them.
As she grew up, Amber read hundreds of books and watched almost every animal show on TV, becoming quite an expert on many animals and insects. She continued, as well, to read about wolves and was impressed by the importance of family to the grey wolf, especially their wolf pups. I gave Amber the Yellowstone Wolf Project bulletins, and we discussed their progress, and, waited until she was old enough to participate. Amber read about the deliberate extermination of wolves programs in the U.S. and was glad that the grey wolf was finally listed as endangered. Now, of course, Amber is going to be devasted when she learns that on March 6, 2009, the government delisted her grey wolf as an (everywhere except).
By age 11, Amber's interest in wolves had increased so that any "wish list" she wrote included requests for wolf t-shirts, wolf books, or the like. But, she still cared for all animals. When she found abandoned kittens along the horse trail, she brought them home so they would not die. If a bird fell from the nest, Amber had to put it back. A lost dog needed food and water and we had to hunt for the owner. Amber was taught to love ALL of God's creatures and she does.
At age 12, she wrote a short story "Ookume" about a young girl who was in peril and ultimately rescued by wolf pups. Amber also wrote a paper on "Cloning" in which she argued that "therapeutic cloning" would be good for "saving endangered species." But, Amber also let her imagination flow readily with stories and art work about dragons and other such mystical creatures likely influenced by the Harry Potter series.
As a teen, Amber took up the wolf as her "cause." She learned about their habits, behavior, packs, dens, marking territory, reactions to other animals and their place in the ecosystem. She was impressed by the dedication of the wolf to its family life. As Amber's family, we are proud that she has the tenacity and courage to stand up for an animal species that, clearly, has not been favored by our country as a whole.
Amber still must wait until she is 16 to attend the intensive wolf seminars at, but, we were scheduled to visit Yellowstone to at least see the wolves this past August. Unfortunately the time of the program was in conflict with the opening of school. Amber accepted that high school had to take priority.
The next program is in June. The wolves are waiting for us Amber.
[Written by Amber's Grandmom, an environmental attorney.]
Most importantly, thank you for your continued prayers for Amber. We cannot bear the thought of life without her.
God bless you.